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We are creating the virtual assistant of the future,

called Real Life Assistant™ because it solves real problems. In a world that is too full of information, the real problem number one is to involve others in what we say, in what we do, in what we sell. In English, it says engagement.

If we talk about engagement,

we can say that chatbots and digital assistants of the current generation don't just work. Maybe, because they're the result of conventional ideas about the so called Artificial Intelligence. You will find very different ideas in the movie Ex Machina and on this site.

Top of the line, today,

seems to be the vocal assistant by Google, but can you have a true dialogue with it, or Alexa, or Cortana, or even Siri? Please hands up who has been engaged once in a conversation with a Facebook bot.

We are teaching the virtual assistant of the future,

working on specific areas of knowledge, such as Sport and Fitness. We publish our progress on Google Play, so you can follow the teaching process in real time.

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Vuoi fare una chiacchierata in Italiano?

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